Welcome to Oneject Indonesia

PT. Oneject Indonesia was established in April 2004 as a manufacturing company who produces medical devices, especially Auto Disable Syringes.

As a pioneering manufacturer of AD Syringes in Indonesia in order to provide safe injections for the people of Indonesia.  PT. Oneject Indonesia has contributed to reducing the number of standard syringes that are produced and distributed in Indonesia.

The global mission driven by WHO-UNICEF-UNFPA joint statement stating that the reuse of standard syringes and needles places the community at high risk of disease and death.  This global mission was the background for the shareholders took the decision to build the factory.

Therefore, PT. Indonesia Oneject tried to solve the problem by being an alliance of Star Syringe Limited which has the patent technology for the K1 AD syringe where if used for a second time the plunger will be break renderring the syringe unuseable.

PT. Oneject Indonesia is the sole
K1 licensee in Indonesia.


Our Products

  • Oneject Auto Disable Syringe WHO standard
  • First Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Indonesia
  • Prevent the spread HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis
  • Automatically disabled
  • Safer-Healthier

Vision and Mission

Vision :

PT Oneject Indonesia as a pioneer campaigning for safe injections in Indonesia in order to prevent the transmission of diseases through syringe reuse. 


  1. To produce Auto Disable Syringe (ADS) as an actualization of developing and maintaining safe healthcare in Indonesia.
  2. To open job opportunities in order to improve Indonesian social welfare.
  3. To promote local production in global competition.