Medica Exhibition in Dusseldorf

PT. Oneject Indonesia has participated on MEDICA Fair in Düsseldorf on November 2011 for the first time. We used the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our products to many of the 134.500 visitors from more than 100 nations. It is an important step on the way to export our products to Europe and others.  

Measles and Polio Campaign 2011

The National Immunization Program to prevent polio and measles was launched in Jakarta on October 18th, 2011 by the Minister of Health dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, MPH, Dr.PH. This program was participated by the 17 Provinces in Indonesia. PT. Oneject Indonesia is the main supplier of the syringes for the campaign, targeting on 95% of the children.  

Blood Donation Program

PT. Oneject Indonesia in collaboration with Sentul Industrial Estate Management had proudly conducted a blood donation program with assistance by PMI Bogor (Indonesia Red Cross) on September 21st, 2011. It was held to coincide with Peace One Day.  Almost 150 donors were attending this program. They were office staffs, labours and also the community. This program is part of our concerning, participation and contribution for the community where we can help save the lives of those who have lost blood in an accident or emergency or who need blood for surgical and nonsurgical treatments.
Hopefully this program will organized routinely and deserve a wide support to get more donors.  

PT Oneject Indonesia and SAFEPOINT Campaign to Stop Using Used Syringe

It has been found used syringe being sold and played by the children in many of the 200,000 schools in Indonesia is putting the health of these young people at serious risk. These "water pistols" are used syringes that have been discarded as medical waste by health clinics and hospitals. Although used syringes should be incinerated to prevent the transmission of blood borne pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis, in fact this practice is not routinely followed.

PT. Oneject Indonesia and Safepoint therefore has campaigned to fight used syringes by visiting schools and informed to the young generation about the dangers of used syringes both as toys or used in medical practices.    

World AIDS day 2007

Its no doubt that the use of repeatable syringe became a significant agent of HIV/AIDS virus infection especially for drug addicts. In Indonesia, there are 49.5% of contagious HIV/AIDS cases determined by the using of syringe. This fact underlies PT Oneject Indonesia to produce auto disable syringe. 

To Commemorate United Nation Peace Day

PT Oneject Indonesia carried out "Bulan Imunisasi Anak Sekolah" (Elementary School Immunization Program) in one of primary school around Bogor area to show corporate social responsibility. The purpose of this event also to support Indonesian Government to achieve "Indonesia Sehat 2010" and promote the importance of using auto disable syringe for Indonesia children. 

Auto-Disable Syringe User Training

To align with Indonesia Government's program which is "Pekan Imunisasi Nasional (National Immunization Program), PT Oneject Indonesia actively to give training to the Ministry of Health staffs, in order to improve its competence in using auto disable syringe. 

PT Oneject Indonesia as a sponsorship of ITF Oneject Indonesia International Junior Championship

Sport is very related with healthiness. Thus, PT Oneject commit to support the Invitation Tennis Junior which is held in Bandung, West Java. Indonesia. This event is counted as ITF yearly event and participated not only from Indonesia but also from others Asia Pacific countries.

The Grand Opening of PT. Oneject Indonesia

On September 2005, PT Oneject Indonesia who manufactures the Auto Disable Syringes in Sentul – Bogor, was inaugurated by Minister of Social Welfare - Dr. Alwi Shihab, and Minister of Health Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Siti Fadillah Supari, Sp.J. They were surprised and prouded that Indonesia already manufactured the Auto Disable Syringes which is needed in medical practices in Indonesia.

Along with PT Oneject Indonesia’s Board of Directors, Mr. Djonni Andhella and Mr. Jahja Tear Tjahjana, The Ministers and the community leaders who concerned the importance of Auto Disable Syringes looked at the manufacturer facilities. 



PT. Oneject Indonesia is pleased to announce its participation at :

VIETNAM Medi Pharm Expo 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at Indonesia Pavilion Hall 1, 22 - 25 August 2012.

MEDICA International Trade Fair World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany at CBI Pavilion Hall 6, 14-17 November 2012.

ARAB Health Exhibition 2013 in Dubai, UAE at Aspaki-Indonesia Pavilion Hall 1-1A25, 28 - 31 January 2013.

Please visit out booth and we appreciate it.