PT. Oneject Indonesia is located in Bogor, the west of Jakarta which is about 50 km from the international seaport of Jakarta. The built-up area is over 5,000 square metres, including 4,000 square metres office space. PT. Oneject Indonesia has modern facilities and hi-tech machinery which is necessary to produce the best quality of medical devices. Our manufacture factory

equip with Sandwich insulated Panel for wall, ceiling and partitions and as for specially clean room, we use Epoxy flooring. We also use flushing doors and windows with no sharp edge corner. We apply HVAC system for both production class 100,000 injection molding area and production class 10,000 assembling and blister packing areas. We have our own laboratory for quality testing.

Our Production Areas

Slide Injection Molding
(clean room class 100,000)
The production process starts in this section of the factory, where the plunger, barrel, needle hub and needle cap components are manufactured using medical grade Polyproylene.
Slide Printing
(clean room class 100,000)
Once the components have been manufactured and left for 24 hours, the barrels are printed using polydine ink.
Slide Needles Assembly
(clean room class 10,000)
The needle assembly line is completely automated and assembles the needle hub, glues the needle cannula to the hub, tests the efficacy of the needle and caps the needle ready for assembly on the syringe assembly line or for separate packing.
Slide Syringes Assembly
(clean room class 10,000)
The complete syringe is assembled at this point bringing together the plunger, barrel, gasket and needle.
Slide Blister Packing
(clean room class 10,000)
Oneject use a blister packaging method for each individual syringe and needle. The product once blister packed is subsequently packed in a shelf carton of 100 pieces and then transferred to a shipping carton for delivery to the client.
Slide Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (validation standard ISO 11135, EN 550) Sterilization is the last step of production process. The product is sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas within a secure chamber. Slide Quality Control All the production processes are monitored and controlled on a constant basis by QC Department.